Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday in Heaven Angel

Today's the day you would turn five, 
But you're not here with us. 
How we wished you were alive, 
So that we could make a fuss. 

To see you eat your favorite cake, 
Or open a gift or two. 
Would love to watch you sleep and wake, 
And tie your little shoe. 

To see you run, to play and slide, 
See dolls you love the best.
To have you run arms open wide, 
Into your papa's chest. 

Wish we could see your mommys face, 
When you sang your first real song. 
To see you dance around the room, 
So we could tag along. 

Could it be that you would fish, 
Or play with slimy bugs? 
Is it wrong for us to even wish, 
To smother you with hugs. 

Your birthdays come and then they go, 
But the grief remains the same. 
We will never see you grow, 
But forever glad you came. 

Happy birthday angel we miss you bad, 
Miss smiles and kisses too. 
Each day without you is a day that's sad, 
For now we're passing through. 

See you there in heaven some day, 
For its God's promise from his son. 
So for now I will simply say, 
I'll love you 'til life is done.

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  1. May God continue to hold you all in His arms of comfort. What joy the "catching up" will be when you're all together again.


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